GWR Medical, Inc., founded and located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania in 1996, is privately owned and operated. GWR is the provider of FDA cleared Topical Oxygen Therapy (TO2™) for the healing of open wounds utilizing GWR's FDA approved devices, therapy and WoundMatrix, a proprietary wound management imaging and measurement technology www.woundmatrix.com.


Sean M. Geary

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Sean co-founded GWR Medical in 1996, the leading national provider and supplier of Topical Oxygen Therapy to treat hard to heal open wounds and burns. Sean has managed insurance contracting and payer reimbursement for GWR that has led to private and state payer contracts. Sean introduced a revolutionary model of care and delivery to patients and payers that promotes wound healing linked to real-time remote patient wound monitoring. GWR's topical oxygen therapy in conjunction with WoundMatrix mobile digital wound imaging apps and software tools measure, monitor and document wound outcomes. Sean founded WoundMatrix in 2000. The Company is a leading developer and provider of enterprise mobile and remote patient monitoring medical apps and software. Sean is a 1990 graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications.

Paul A. Geary III

VP Sales

Paul is Vice-President of Sales for GWR Medical. Paul’s responsibilities have included implementing, training and managing GWR sales teams as well as securing Government contracts and sales for GWR’s Topical Oxygen Therapy. Paul joined the GWR team in 1998 and immediately established a sales force to introduce and educate physicians on GWR’s Topical Oxygen Therapy in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Paul played a key role in GWR’s early success by securing Federal Supply Schedule and DAPA contracts with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense in the early 2000’s for the distribution of GWR’s O2 Boot and O2 Sacral. Today Paul continues to assist in the training and education of the GWR sales force while helping to develop new sales strategies for topical oxygen in an ever-changing wound care market. Paul is a 1988 graduate from The University of Notre Dame with a BA in American Studies. Paul continued his education at The University of Southern California, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1991. Paul spent seven years as an on-air news journalist before joining GWR in 1998.

Paul A. Geary. Jr.

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Paul A. Geary, Jr. co-founded GWR Medical in 1996, the leading national provider and supplier of Topical Oxygen Therapy to treat hard to heal open wounds and burns. Mr. Geary has spent his 40-year career in executive management of scientific research and development, marketing, sales and distribution of chemical, pharmaceutical, and health devices, therapies and products. Mr. Geary began his career in 1965 with McKesson and Robbin as a sales manager in Philadelphia then served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of East Falls Chemical Corporation in 1969. Paul has lead GWR's 20-year commitment to independent research for topical oxygen therapy with leading researchers and institutions. The scientific discoveries from this research have helped to substantiate the efficacy of topical oxygen by the regulatory, medical and payer communities. Paul is a 1965 graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a BA Degree spanning Business, Chemistry and Liberal Arts.

Richard J. Pinola


Mr. Pinola was past President of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. He was Chairman and CEO of Right Management Consultants, a global Human resource consulting firm. He currently sits on the Board of four publicly traded companies: K-Tron International, Nobel Learning Communities, Kenexa Inc. and WP Carey Corporate Associates.

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    GWR's sales team calls on physicians to prescribe Topical Oxygen Therapy to their patients with open wounds and burns. GWR's Topical Oxygen Therapy can be utilized to treat patients in any patient setting, but it is used primarily as a home-based therapy, improving quality of life and patient outcomes.
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    GWR's Topical O2 Therapy has been utilized over the past 20 years by the Department of Defense, The Veteran's Administration, Private Insurers, State Medicaid Programs and Worker's Compensation Programs to help patient's suffering with diabetic ulcers, burns, amputations, venous stasis ulcers, frost bite as well as numerous other conditions.
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    The GWR Medical, Inc. Wound Management Program combines the advanced technologies of Topical Oxygen Therapy and WoundMatrix for Precise Wound Measurement and Outcomes Tracking Documentation in the treatment and closure of open wounds.

The GWR Medical Advantage

GWR Medical, Inc. coordinates services, delivers products and educates the patient, the patient's doctor and the patient's insurance company using a mobile wound management app (WoundMatrix) to digitally measure wounds and document progress. WoundMatrix provides visual evidence of healing of your wound and delivers comparative and outcome documentation reports to doctors and insurers to demonstrate your progress using TO2.

Topical O2 - Past, Present, and Future

Past thinking held that oxygen therapy had to be administered systemically (100% oxygen breathed at an increased pressure of 2-3 atmospheres) to produce positive outcomes. However, new studies have been able to establish the efficacy of TO2 and resolve some of its previously unexplained success.

A 2005 study used topical oxygen for wound healing in pigs (as their tissue closely resembles human tissue) and revealed that within four (4) minutes the tissue pO2 of superficial wound tissue increased over 40mmHG with the application of topically applied pure oxygen1. Click to know more

Additionally, a 2008 study has proven that topically applied O2 induces Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) expression and improvement in wound size.2 Click to know more

It is becoming clear with these and further studies that TO2 plays a key role in the production of oxygen derived by-products which play an integral role in wound healing.